I just got back from a surprise birthday / anniversary present trip thing to Italy from my wife. It’s my first time out there and oh my GAWD it’s amazing. Everything shot here was taken with the stock kit 18mm-55mm lens that comes packaged with Canons 500D etc, so it just goes to show you don’t need crazy kit to pull off decent shots.

It also shows I don’t need to lug round most of my kit “in case” I need something. Lesson learned hehe

Anyway, we have shots from Lago Garda (Lake Garda – Sirmeone specifically), Firenze/Florence, Venezia/Venice, Bologna and Ferrara. Ferrara was particularly interesting as it isn’t really a major tourist spot like the other places I visited. Its a bit of an oddity, as part of the city is medieval and the other part is renaissance so theres an amazing blend of architecture.

Hope you like what you see….



Hemingways Vintage, The Festival

Theres a new(ish) event thats happening every year (well, it started last year and hopes to continue!) that celebrates everything great about Britain over the last 50 years. From fashion to furniture the place oozes an appeal that this last few years seem to have lost.

VINTAGE is a festival dedicated to everything great about Britains past few decades. Based this year in the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall, the place has been painted, dressed up, polished and cleaned, with each era situated in a different part of the building. Textiles, food, artists, music, it’s all there. If you fancy a pint while chilling out to live bands playing Pink Floyd or The Who, or even learning to dance to 40’s swing, your in luck. To say that the place is nostalgic is the wrong word to use, as when you standing there listening to a band playing Iggy Pop and The Stooges: The Passenger, in a room complete with the famous orange and brown wallpaper, furniture including the  stereo-typical 70’s brown fabric sofa, you forget entirely whats going on in the real world at the moment and slip back in time. This feeling was helped by the vast amount of people who came dressed in garb from their favorite time.

Then there were the boutiques set up selling old, loved, dresses, suits and other clothes. The highlight of which was Fraubraun. Ms Braun has amassed quite a collection of pristine condition clothes from as early as the 1930’s, all the way through to almost the modern age.

Daisy and Pearl Lowe’s fashion show was incredible also, and not only for the haunting ballerina theme they seemed to be going with. Some of the clothes were stunning.

Outside, the Vintage Village contained all sorts of vintage clothes, toys, jewellery from the last 50 or 60 years, more live music, food & drink, and an amazing selection of people. There was also the Chap Olympiad. The Chap is a magazine that is trying to start a movement to return us to the days of tweed and trilby’s, and the Olympiad is the olympics for the unfit, unathletic and exceptionally well dressed. Events include things such as Butler Baiting, where a group of gentlemen surround a butler and try to bait him by giving him unreasonable tasks, such as mixing vodka and dry martini. Then theres Umbrella Jousting, where two chaps ride along on push bikes, armed with an umbrella and a copy of the daily telegraph and try to dismount their opponents. It sounds loopy, and it is, but again in all this madness, there is something about the moustaches, tweed, smoking pipes and brogues. Something that is without doubt sorely missed from todays world, and yet it’s something that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Otherwise if soaking up all this memorabilia is not your thing, you could settle down with the hip and trendy in the food & drink area where there’s more live music, and plenty of champagne and proper ginger beer. One things for certain, i’ll be coming back next year when the festival returns to Goodwood…

Anyway, here are some pics. The bulk of these are from Daisy & Pearl Lowes fashion show, but theres  plenty of others showing the interesting characters walking about too.


I keep seeing lots of photographers say they “only shoot at either sunrise or sunset” when using natural light. Whilst I still think that it’s  very stupid to only limit yourself to those two times of day when shooting outside, they do create a certain feel which is difficult to reproduce any other way. I must admit, they do look beautiful, but to shoot like this exclusively seems a bit limiting.

Anyway, have a look at a couple I took of Tina (again) last night. I only used standard kit, 18mm-55mm kit lens at f/4 on all three of these, with a little bit of post processing to manage the highlights. I like the mix of exposures on them too. The darker ones seem to look a little muddy and add a much more foreboding feel to them, where the lightest one is fresh and crisp.

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The Wedding Shoot

Hi peeps.

Took some shots of a couple of mock weddings yesterday, and these are how they turned out. The location was lovely, Bisham Abbey, near Marlow, and I had several models to shoot. It was slightly more regemented than I would have liked, but I think I managed to put a little flair into it some weren’t quite so generic. Take a look:

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The Christening…

I shot a lovely christening for the amazing Rob and Esther Hann yesterday of their lovely daughter Grace Arabella. It was a beautiful day all round, and if everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did shooting it, they had a ball.

Anyway, these are really for Rob, Esther and their guests yesterday, but seeing as I don’t have anywhere else to host these pictures for them, here they are in pdf form:


It might work best if you right click on the link and then “save target as” or “save link as”. Once downloaded, open it and run the slideshow 🙂

It’s a large file and would be easier viewed directly from your computer than straight off the web.

On the Street…

Howdy Campers,

I set myself up in Guildford High Street today with the idea of taking some portraits of people I saw on the street. I met some really interesting people, especially Andi, the guy with the hat on who it turns out is a signed model! And he was a straight up guy to boot! Anyway, I was only able to shoot for a bit as it started raining, and typically, it stopped as soon as i’d packed up and got into the van.

Anyway, heres some of what I took today:

I’ll stick some more of these on when I get chance to take some,


Fun with layers…

Heres a fairly simple shot i put together from about 8 layers. It’s impressive what you can come up with in an hour with a camera, a stick, some cardboard and some sticky tape…

Anyway, this is inspired by the Muse album Absolution. The front cover (is a better image than mine) depicts a guy with a gas mask in his hand staring at the sky with shadows of people floating over him. I tried to work it from a different angle just to be a little different, and I hope I didn’t make too sucky a job of it. Still, it’s not bad for my second Photoshop attempt (and thats Elements at that).  I think it may have made a more powerful image without me in it, but it seems to work ok…

Cya soon.


Hampton Court Palace

Here are some of my lovely wife that I took yesterday at Hampton Court Palace.